Choreographies by PABLO RODARTE
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Fuego Iberico Flamenco
Fuego Iberico

Lady of Spain

Natividad Flamenca


Carmen's Tango Bar

The Red Haired Carmen

Evening of Spanish Dance


Related Training

Denver, Colorado (1954-1965)
Lillian Cushing School of Ballet; Ernestine Smith, Denver Parks and Recreation.

New York (1964-1965)
American Ballet Theatre; Robert Joffrey School of Ballet.

Madrid, Spain (1965-1985)
Madame Kashuba of the original Pavlova Company; Karen Marie Taft,
Danish Bournoville School of Ballet.

Copenhagen, Denmark (1968)
Madame Francine, Danish School of Ballet.
Spanish Dance

Madrid, Spain (1965-1985)
Flamenco: Antonio Marín, Mercedes León, Angel
Torres, Raul, Tomás de Madrid.

Regional: Pedro Azorín (Jota), Juanjo Linares.
Escuela Bolera: Mercedes León, Pacita Tomás, Alberto Lorca,Victoria Eugenia.

Related Teachings and Choreography Experience

-Madrid, Spain (1980-1985)
*Instructor: Private classes in Spanish Dance and freelance choreographer.

-Scandinavian Countries (1968)
*Freelance instructor and choreographer.

-Sidney, Australia (1970-1972)
*Instructor for British Ballet Theatre. Choreographer: "Los Duendes."

-United States (1985-present)

Choreographer for:

-María Benítez "Estampa Flamenca," Patri Nader Spanish Dance Theatre,

-San José, California, Central City Opera: "Carmen," and Spanish Dance

-Arts Company in New York.
Flamenco Instructor in Denver, Colorado and director of "Amanecer" company.

-Director, Choreographer and dancer in Pablo Rodarte’s Dance España production of "Navidad Flamenca," 1993-1997 United States Coast to Coast tour.

-Director and Choreographer for "Carmen’s Tango Bar" which played to sold out house, Kimo Theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


"Pablo Rodarte's performance as the mad, insect-eating Renfield was a masterpiece of characterization." - Albuquerque Journal, Jennifer Noyer (Nov. 3, 2004)

"Another highlight of the evening was a scene at the sanitarium where Pablo Rodarte's performance as the mad Renfield in a cage, quivered with a believable sense of evil possession." - The Sunday Journal, Jennifer Noyer (Oct. 14, 2001)

"Pablo Rodarte perpetuated the fierce macho image throughout with stronger stamps, and ever more haughty bearing." - Dance Magazine, Julinda Lewis

"A man facing death is seduced by a deathlike lover in the second duet, whose characters were etched in acid by Pablo Rodarte and Carlota Santana." - New York Times, Jennifer Dunning

Doña Flor and Her Two Husbands. "Dr. Teodoro, Flor’s timid second husband, was played by the genial Pablo Rodarte" - New York Times, Jennifer Dunning

"The tall and slender, Pablo Rodarte plays a potential suitor who watches Maria from the corner of the stage. Whenever the pair makes eye contact, her movements take on a renewed energy." - Journal Dance Writer, Santa Fe, Carole Mazur

"Pablo y Luisa. An exciting night of pleasure to watch these fabulous dancers. - Gazeta Macaense Macao

"Their recent concert represented the essential intuitive quality and creative ability to interpret Spanish music at it’s highest levels." - Manila Bulletin, Manila, P.I.

"Individually, the soloist possessed a distinctive approach to the art of flamenco"-
The Manila Times, P.I.

"One of the most beautiful events of the evening…, their dance interpretation of DeFalla’s Ritual Fire Dance." - Rocky Mountain News

"In contrast, Rodarte seems a pristine classicist, his feet purring out an evenly escalating cascade of heel taps." - The Tribune, Berkeley, CA, Janice Ross

"Rodarte has the same proud bearing set off by expressively dramatic hand and arm gestures and a long-legged, lunging stride that gobbles up space." Minnesota Star & Tribune, Mike Steele




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