A Fuego Iberico

Iberian Fire is a unique and fresh approach to Flamenco and Spanish Dance directed and choreographed by Pablo Rodarte. Owing to his experience of 40 years in television , theatre, and cabaret, Mr. Rodarte has reinvented the Spanish Dance experience for the American public with the objective of pure entertainment. With a duration of 90 minutes , this cabaret style performance , reminiscent of the 40's, bewitches the audience with the
music of Ernesto Lecuona arranged by Daniel Ward.
The dancing , singing, and acting of nationally acclaimed Marija Temo brings the public to it's feet combining her pop-flamenco sound with sharp show-business flair. The cast of Fuego Iberico is composed of 13 artists including the director, 5 dancers , 4 musicians , one singer , lighting designer , and sound technician.  



PABLO RODARTE, TUCSON, AZ l phone: 303-895-0283 l email: pablorodarte46@yahoo.com