Lady of Spain

Julio Romero de Torres ( Cordoba 1830 - 1930 ) , painter of the gypsy soul , the dark woman , and the  "Andalusian song" , has been surrounded by great controversy . His work created extreme antagonism , being criticized by the classicists as well as by the abstract artists of his time and beyond. Some considered his work as superficial folklore with distasteful nudes , others considered it visionary.  He became a legend amongst the people of Cordoba ( ancient capital of the western Caliphate ) . Mr. Rodarte has taken Romero's paintings and created a flamenco scenario employing cante hondo ( deep rooted flamenco songs ) depicting the attributes of the andalusian woman which Mr. Romero so cherished . Julio Romero de Torres truly worshiped the andalusian goddess. Iberian Fire is a unique and fresh approach to Flamenco and Spanish




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