Natividad Flamenca

Natividad Flamenca is a joyful interpretation of the events leading up to the birth of Christ. The two-act presentation is spiced with fantastically colored costumes, the dance and rhythms of Spanish Flamenco and the universal message of peace and harmony. With the aura and mystery of the Middle East, the entire fabric of the spectacle is rich and includes cultural threads from the Americas with those of Spanish, Jewish and Moorish origin. Seamless connections are made between dance styles and musical sources.

Natividad Flamenca

Natividad Flamenca es una interpretación alegre de los eventos precusores del nacimiento de Cristo. El espectáculo está pintado con un vestuario colorido palestino, con bailes y ritmos flamencos, y el mensaje univeral de paz y armonía. Con el aura y el misterio del medio oriente la tela de la obra está magn√≠ficamente bordada por hilos culturales de las Américas y orígenes españoles , judáicos, y moriscos. Empalmes sin costura aparecen entre estilos de baile y fuentes musicales.


"An enthralling phantasm of sound, dance and visions percolating around a flamenco telling of the nativity."
- The Southeast Missourian, Sam Blackwell

"Natividad Flamenca was a rich multi-colored tapestry, bringing together music, dance and drama,
the sights and sounds of the Middle East."
- Three Lakes News, Terry Simeone

"An extraordinary show, from the colorful costumes to the exceptional set-pieces, the production captivated
our audiences. The show's impact was noteworthy: many who attended were
so touched that they cried. Adults, as well as children, enjoyed."
- Caltech Events, Pasadena, CA Jerry Willis

"...stunning dance/theatre...a joyous and exciting evening in which a group of extremely creative artists
came together to produce a dynamic spiritual and aesthetic event."
- Albuquerque Journal




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