Choreography and Direction:
Pablo Rodarte

Original Concept:
Lili del Castillo

Musical Composition and Arrangement:
Luis Campos

A drama, portrayed through dance, describes the story of a 16th century Spanish woman who has just lost her parents to the plague. The story revolves around her discovery of a menorah in her mother's belongings, her realization that the songs her mother had sung her were not of Catholic origin but actually Sephardic, which prompts her to flee to the new world for fear of persecution by the Inquisition. Like many historic Sephardic families she eventually arrives in New Mexico where, though the Inquisition still exists in Santa Fe, the isolation of the region afforded her a measure of safety.


Coreografía and Dirección:
Pablo Rodarte

Concepto Original:
Lili del Castillo

Composición musical y Arreglo:
Luis Campos

Un drama, realizado en baile flamenco, describe la historia de una española del siglo 16 que acaba de perder a sus padres por la plaga. Con el descubrimiento de un menorah entre los trastos de su madre, y la comprensión de que las nanas que le cantaba su madre no eran de origen católico, sino que eran sefardíes, atemorizada por la inquisición
huye a Nuevo México en busca de seguridad . Aunque la inquisición está todavía en efecto en Santa Fe, ella por su aislamiento espera que el sitio le concederá mas protección.


"Pablo Rodarte choreographed the dance to focus on one dramatic moment of discovery that condensed all
action into a heightened emotional experience. His designs for the rhythmic and symbolic use of props were
always incorporated organically into the dance movement itself."
- Albuquerque Journal 1993

"There wasn't a dry eye in the house."
- The Denver Post 1995

"Flamenco dancer Lili del Castillo and her troupe from Albuquerque enthralled a standing room-only
audience of over than 350 on Sunday August 30. Her dance...dance / lecture... included
an extremely moving personal piece entitled Revalaciones."
- The New Mexico Jewish Historical Society Newsletter 1992

"The film "Expulsion and Memory: Descendants of Hidden Jew features a Sephardic soundtrack and
performances by some of the world's leading artists, including Placido Domingo and Zubin Mehta.
Included in the film are excerpts from Castillo's flamenco performance, Revelaciones."
- The New Mexico Jewish Link 1997



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