Pablo Rodarte Instructor


Master Instruction
Maestro Rodarte directed his private studio out of Denver, Colorado offering individual and group training in Spanish dance, flamenco and the bolero school. He offers fall, spring and summer sessions including workshops. His craftsmanship as a teacher and a coach has been highly valued by the University of New Mexico where he has taught for the past 12 years as adjunct professor. Founder and Director of the School of Flamenco & Spanish Dance and Company (Dance Espana), Mr. Rodarte has dedicated 40 years of his life to the art of Flamenco and Spanish Dance. He has also performed and taught in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Australia and the United States of America. For more information on his work, click on the links in the main menu.

Related Teachigns and Choreography Experience

Madrid, Spain (1980-1985)
*Instructor: Private classes in Spanish Dance and freelance choreographer.

Scandinavian Countries (1968)
*Freelance instructor and choreographer.

Sidney, Australia (1970-1972)
*Instructor for British Ballet Theatre. Choreographer: "Los Duendes."

United States (1985-present)

Enseñanza Maestra
El maestro Rodarte dirigió su academia particular en Denver, Colorado ofreciendo clases para individuos o grupos en baile español, flamenco, y escuela bolera. Tam bien el maestro Rodarte ofrece clases en Colorado Springs, Colorado. Las clases siguen el año escolar, o sea , son tres sesiónes, la de otoño, la de primavera, y la de verano. Su oficio como maestro es sumamente respetado por la Universidad De Nuevo México, donde ha sido profesor residente durante los ultimos 12 años.

Flamenco and Spanish dance consist of a variety of concepts that create the beautiful and intriguing dance form. Some of the elements are: body position and movement, footwork, arms, hands, turns, palmas, compas, and castanets + many more. These concepts are the foundation for learning various dances such as alegrias, sevillanas, bulerias, tangos, and solea, to name a few.



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